Because of the judging criteria used, participants should use the following presentation and submission guidelines in anticipation of advancing to the Finals Event, as the guidelines align with the judging criteria.


Presentation & Submission Prep - Qualifying & Finals Events - Successful presentations are 5-8 minutes in length and usually include:

  • Title Slide: Who are you and what are your mission, purpose, and beliefs?

  • Problem Slide(s): What problem are you trying to solve?  What did customer(s) do/say that gave you insight that this is a problem worth solving?

  • Solution Slide(s): How did you attempt to address the problem worth solving?  How did you use design thinking to iterate the solution-based prototype?  How did the tests impact iteration of the solution?

  • Canvas Iteration Slide(s): How did you test key assumptions of the canvas?  What specific tests did you conduct? How many and what types of people did you interact with?

  • Result Slide(s):  Info discovered? How initial assumptions validated?  What pivots/changes did the team make?

  • Next-Steps Slide(s):  What are the next steps your team needs to take to advance your project?  How would you use the prize money awarded to gain more traction?

  • Lessons Learned: Telling the story of lessons learned from testing.


The slides should highlight your initial assumptions and how the process of investigating the business model with customers has generated insights / learning that have validated the assumptions or led to changes and subsequent testing.  Successful submissions will demonstrate some traction in the marketplace. 



Submission of Team Information for Finals Event – It is the responsibility of the team selected as the winner of a Qualifying Event to submit by email (send to on or before March 23, 2019 the following information to complete registration for the Finals Event. The submission/registration requires the following items in order to be complete:

  • University/College Name

  • Team's Name

  • Brief description of team (no more than 3 sentences)

  • Individual Team Member Names, email addresses, and phone numbers

  • Team Photo with all team members (in .jpeg/.png format)

  • Team logo (in .jpeg/.png format)

  • By submitting the foregoing information, all team members are verifying and attesting that each team member has read and agrees to the obligations and responsibilities in the Certification & Agreement Statement


Each Qualifying Event winning team must submit their final PowerPoint presentation deck to by 11:59pm on April 3, 2019

Intellectual Property & Confidentiality

  • participants are responsible to protect any proprietary information

  • WVIBMC takes no responsibility for unwanted disclosure of patentable or protectable ideas shared by a team / participant as part of the competition

  • participants should not require the competition organizers, judges, mentors, and/or competitors to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA)