I – Campus Launch

  • mid-to-late January 2019

  • each of the participating institutions circulate information on-campus regarding Qualifying Event

  • institutions schedule and conduct training session(s) and/or launch for its students (similar to Trainer Workshop and/or Start-Up Weekend format)

  • institutions will determine student-training schedule and post-training support

  • although several weeks from launch to Qualifying Event is ideal, flexibility is provided to compress the training and immediate follow-up as considered appropriate by each institution based on its resources          


II – Innovation & Bus. Model Development

  • students learn and apply methodology

  • students will have up to the participating institution’s Qualifying Event to identify, test, and validate most crucial bus. model assumptions

  • each participating institution is responsible for mentoring/coaching 


III – Institutional Qualifying Events 

  • each participating institution will host their respective Qualifying Event on or before Mar. 16, 2019

  • teams deliver presentation up to 8 mins explaining startup journey

  • Judges' Q&A will be up to 3 minutes

  • each participating institution will select one (1) Qualifying Event winner that advances to the Finals Event at
    Marshall University on April 6, 2019

  • Qualifying Event winning teams must submit team information via email by Mar. 23, 2019 (see Submission Information)

  • each Qualifying Event winner is guaranteed a minimum of $500 to be awarded at the Finals Event


IV – Finals Event

  • finalists will present business models on Saturday, April 6, 2019 @ Marshall University’s
    Booth Experimental Theater (Edwards Performing Arts Center)

  • finalists will present (max 8 min) that is followed by Judges' Q&A (max 3 min)

  • Judges will determine placement and cash awards to teams