Innovate. Compete. Launch.


@Marshall University

Be part of an exciting business development competition and compete for cash and other prizes.

WVIBMC focuses on

helping college students in our state find a wicked problem that they can apply their skills and strengths to solve. Using design thinking, they'll create game-changing solutions and develop business models by getting out of the building and testing their assumptions on real customers. They'll take what they learn and either "validate" key assumptions or "pivot” and change course.

The WVIBMC is passionate about giving students the tools and mindset  they need to innovate high-impact businesses that will change their lives and the lives of those in the state. Furthermore, the WVIBMC fosters development of real, innovative, and sustainable business models that are ready to transition into the next phase, the WV Coll. Bus. Plan Competition (WVBPC)

WVIBMC rewards

  1. individuals and teams that can leverage their unique skills and strengths to tackle a grand challenge in the state and in the world;

  2. innovating prototypes for solutions that solve grand challenges in new and better ways;

  3. identifying and tracking key business model assumptions using a business model canvas;

  4. testing assumptions with real customers by getting outside the building; and

  5. pivoting and iterating the business model based on customer interactions and feedback.